Formal Makeup

This November I did some young girls makeup for their Year 10 Formal.

I had a wide range of different personalities and face/ skin types so I was able to experiment with different colours and styles, it was a lot of fun!
There was 3  girls, Sharla, Daetona and Imogine. Sharla and Imogine were similar that they are more familiar with makeup and wear it quite a lot, as Daetona doesn’t really wear makeup and isn’t used to it, I went in with a very open mind.


My favourite part about them all was definitely the eye makeup, Sharla had a pinky toned cut crease with a silver glitter base, as Imogine and Daetona had smokey eyes with browns and golds.

I gave myself an hour for each makeup so i had time to do the makeup and clean up between each client. i was pretty good with timing, i was running a little late at first but i got myself back on track pretty quickly.