Contouring & Highlighting

Why should you contour?

Contouring is used to define the face. MUA’s might use contour t create cheek bones, sharpen the jaw line and define and decrease the size of your nose and forehead.

How is it done?

Contouring can be done with warm and cool shades, most rather to use cooler shades to create shadow and then go in with a warmer shade to bring colour back to the face. again, there are no rules to makeup, thats the best part about it so use that and create whatever you want and how you want.

Why should you highlight?

highlighting is used to help features stand out more or makeup them lighter. E.g. Under the eyes, centre of the forehead, cheekbones and tip of the nose.

How is it done?

Highlighting can be done with concealer or shimmer liquids/powders. you normally would use concealer under the eyes, forehead and nose. shimmers are normally used for cheek bones, brow bones and tip of the nose.